Several have written to us, to express their horror after the explosions in Brussels, in which two bombs at the airport killed 14 people and wounded around hundred people. It was followed an hour later by a bomb that went off at Maelbeek station, killing at least 20 and again injuring around a hundred people.

As these things are meant to inspire terror, incomprehension and anger in the population, please find below a short text the Christian Movement has released.

Three points.

No more.

Because there are no words for what happened to us the last few days.

Because it is incomprehensible.

Because we are insecure themselves.

We had hoped that this would never happen. That no one would be subjected to barbaric killings on the subway and at the airport. But it happened. And how difficult it may be now to understand or place these attacks, while we are so shocked, silence is today not an option for anyone. We owe it to ourselves to condemn in the strongest possible terms from such cowardly terrorist acts. We express our regrets to the families of the innocent victims, people who simply did their best to make something of their lives and for their loved ones.

 The perpetrators of the attacks and their supporters want to sow fear in our society. But if we are guided by that fear, then we submit and give in to them. Fear also leads to selfishness and hatred, fear leads to a society where we do not want to live.

The perpetrators and their supporters want to make every human and democratic answer to social problems impossible. It is our duty, the duty of people and social organizations, to indeed continue looking for and finding those answers.

We should not be gullible. We should not only look to shape our society in this ‘after 22/03’, we must seek answers to the question how we deal with the culture of fear that aims to disrupt our society and how we deal with people who, in the name of religion, place themselves outside of society.

 Today it is necessary for everyone, countries, individuals and organizations, to strongly condemn this violence and affirm their belief in democracy and human values. Not only in words but also in deeds and actions through which we unite. Only then, and only together we can shape a society in which violence can claim no place. And only if, and only together, can we keep the dictatorship of fear outside.