Please click here to find the March 2016 edition of W-Connect, which is a first in two aspects. This newsletter has always had as a goal to share experiences between and from the WSM partners in Asia. 

For the first time, it centers around one topic: labour migration, which was prioritized as an important issue to advocate on by the WSM partners in Asia. This edition gathers political agendas, illustrations of where and when these are advocated for, as well as testimonies and practices.
It is also the first time the editorial oversight was given to two members from the Steering Committee, M Ganesh from Nepal and Miss Sulistri from Indonesia. This way of working will also be applied for the upcoming 2016 editions of W-Connect, with the next edition dedicated to decent living income and the last to access to health. Please enjoy reading our work and may it inspire and motivate you!
M Ganesh from Nepal and Miss Sulistri from Indonesia