The Government of Nepal has recently amended the minimum wage under Labor Act, 1992 by publishing notice in Nepal Gazette Part 5, Volume 63, Number 43, dated February 01, 2016 (2072-10-18). For the workers/employees working in enterprises other than tea estate, the monthly salary has been fixed at 6.205NPR and a dearness allowance of Rs. 3495, amounting to 9.700NPR. The porevious salary was 8.000NPR, so this represents an increase of 21%. The Daily Wages have been put at 395NPR. The minimum wage is applicable to all workers / employees irrespective of status of the employment or the length of service. A study by GEFONT estimates that this would apply to 1,5 million regular employed workers (unpaid family workers cover 4.1 millions and self employed workers excluding the unpaid family workers are 3.8 millions).

Despite initial efforts and dialogue with the trade unions, this amount was decided solely by the government.