NDWM from India shared this article from the Times of India today, commenting that, despite several social security schemes by the government in Tamil Nadu, domestic workers fail to benefit from them, due to lack of awareness. Another issue for availing the schemes is the absence or difficulty in providing ID proof among the migrant workers.

The article states that: “As per the state government, migrant workers of unorganised sector such as construction, handicrafts, tailoring, domestic workers and street vendors are eligible for several benefits,” said an official from the labour department. A common problem that these workers face is lack of residential proof or any other proof certified by the state government. As per the labour department, migrant workers would be provided with an ID card, given government allowances in addition to other benefits. However, only a few are aware of these schemes. Of the 129.000 migrant workers in Coimbatore, only 2,000 have applied for government benefits.