In a bid to protect the rights of Nepali migrant workers in Qatar, which numbers to over 450,000 workers in varied sectors, the National Human Rights Commission of Nepal and the National Human Rights Committee of Qatar signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and activation plan.

National Human Rights Commission Nepal Chair Anup Raj Sharma and National Human Rights Committee Qatar Chair Dr Ali Bin Al Marri signed this agreement to provide mutual assistance for the protection of migrant workers. The Nepalese delegation consisted of Mr Kamal Thapa Chettri and Ms Kalpana Jha as commission officers. Mr Laxman Basnet, SARTUC General Secretary, also accompanied the Nepalese delegation. SARTUC played a crucial role in bringing the two Human Rights Commissions together for facilitating the signing of this MoU. Solidarity Centre provided assistance for this accomplishment. Mr Laxman Basnet hailed the signing of MOU as a great step towards protecting Nepali migrant workers’ rights, and also stressed that such agreements shall be facilitated between NHRC Nepal and other countries of destination for Nepali migrant workers.

During the Qatar visit, SARTUC organised meetings and held discussions with Qatar-based Nepali organizations and groups regarding their conditions. The NHRC Nepal team and SARTUC General Secretary visited labour camps and the Nepalese Embassy in Qatar.