After many years of associated membership, CFTUI, a WSM trade union partner in India, was finally granted full membership during the 15th Meeting of the ITUC General Council in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This is an important achievement, as it will serve to increase the recognition of CFTUI as a social partner in India, alongside the three other affiliates to ITUC from India: INTUC, HMS and SEWA.

In India, there are 13 Central Trade Unions, almost all with links to different political parties, and which are included in social dialogue and tripartite structures. CFTUI still has to go through a verification process in which the Indian central government audits its membership. There seems to be little doubt however that CFTUI meets the formal criteria (minimal 800.000 members and presence in at least eight states and eight industries). It is hence a main priority for CFTUI to lobby for, meticulously prepare and participate in any upcoming verification process by the Indian authorities, hopefully within the next five years. These General Verifications do not take place very often: in 1980, 1989, 2002 and the latest in 2013. Results of the verification are published by the Ministry of Labour (link).

CFTUI is an Indian Confederation of Trade Unions, Trade Federations, Associations, Societies and other organizations of India, dedicated towards welfare and development of the society in general and workers in particular. CFTUI is absolutely free from any control or attachment with the political parties or groups. It relies solely on the workers unity to fulfill its objectives. It believes that there cannot be a true labour movement unless the Trade Unions are independent in thinking and free to decide their strategies.As of 2014, CFTUI has 277 affiliated trade unions across 21 states representing 12 sectors in India with a total membership of 1.313.747.

CFTUI looks forward, though a full membership status with ITUC and ITUC-AP to increase its credibility and increase our fight to promote workers’ rights, in India, Asia and the world.