Trade unions around the world are once again mobilising on October 7, the World Day for Decent Work, under the banner “End Corporate Greed”, with activities stretching from Japan to Ecuador and South Africa to Russia. Also WSM and ACV-CSC mobilized in Belgium, while many of our partners organized activities in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia or Cambodia. According to the ITUC website, activities in 33 countries have already been registered on the special website, and many more are uploaded to the site  here.

Brussels, the “Capital of Europe”, came to a standstill with a huge demonstration organised by the Belgian trade unions against austerity, while unions from the manufacturing sector will hold events across the globe to demand an end to precarious work, organised by Global Union Federation IndustriALL. In India, domestic workers raised their hands and voices to demand decent work.

Once again the voice of working people will be heard around the globe on the World Day for Decent Work. The global focus this year is on ending corporate greed, eliminating precarious work and formalising informal jobs, as well as living minimum wages. We need to transform the exploitative supply chain model which robs workers while filling the coffers of multinational companies, many of which are culpable of the most egregious exploitation including the use of modern slavery. The trade union movement stands with the most exploited and vulnerable in the global economy, and on this day, the World Day for Decent Work, we will show our determination to build a better world for working families and for the generations to come,” said ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow.