All participants, spelling out SP, standing for Social Protection.
Participants from ASEAN form the S,
participants from SAARC the P.
After having to postpone twice, due to a blocked runway and the Nepal earthquake in April 2015, all WSM partners from Asia finally met in Kathmandu where they went from their national political action to regional and international political agendas. 
In one of the evaluation forms, a participant wrote at the bottom:”Met, learned and planned to do.” This possibly captures best what was done during the workshop. During five days, participants exchanged regarding their strategies and ideologies. They divided into ASEAN and SAARC groups and prioritized certain issues to work on, such as labour migration, informal economy, decent living income and access to health for all. 
Some sessions were dedicated to capacity strengthening: for gender, the financial tools used by WSM and to take better pictures. This last session rounded off with an invitation where participants could practice the techniques or the rule of thirds using the band-aids which are part of the ongoing campaign on social protection for all in Belgium (link). This led to quite some funny pictures which are now uploaded on the website, showing how important social protection is worldwide.