Realization of US 30 million dollar as compensation of Rana Plaza victims is “One step forward towards victory of workers movement”. Thanks to all, including ILO, IndustriAll, UNI, ITUC and CCC for this achievement” say leaders of National Garments Workers Federation (NGWF) at the Solidarity rally of Rana Plaza victims.

They also paid rich tributes to the Bangladesh Prime Minister for her action for the victims immediately after the collapse of Rana Plaza.
National Garments Workers Federation (NGWF) and victims of Rana Plaza have termed the realization of US 30 million dollar as compensation of Rana Plaza victims as “One step forward towards the victory of workers movement”. For achieving the victory they have given thanks to different Trade Unions’ and Labour Rights Organizations, including ILO, IndustriAll, UNI, CCC, ITUC, WRC,ILRF, United Student Against Sweat Shops (USAS),MSN, DGB, TUC, ACTU, CLC, FNV, Cgt, Action Aid and BILS.

Today (16/06/2015) 11:00 am a solidarity rally of Rana Plaza victims was held in front of the Rana Plaza at Savar marking the achievement of the Rana Plaza victims compensation fund (collection of US$ 30 million) and reckoning the important role played by those organizations. The rally was organized jointly by NGWF and Rana Plaza victims.

NGWF President Amirul Haque Amin and
BILS assistant executive director Mr. Sayed Sultan Ahmed
placing floweral wreath on the altar of
the Martyrs’ Monument of Rana Plaza. 

Before starting the rally, the family members of the Rana Plaza victims’ and the leaders of the NGWF have paid respect to Martyrs’ Monument for 1138 workers, who died in building collapse, in front of the Rana Plaza by the placing flowers on the altar. In the rally BILS assistant executive director Mr. Sayed Sultan Ahmed was honored by offering him a bouquet of flowers on behalf of the Rana Plaza victims & NGWF for the role played by his organization.

Presided over by NGWF President Amirul Haque Amin, the rally was addressed, among others, by BILS assistant executive director Mr. Sayed Sultan Ahmed, federation General Secretary Ms Safia Parvin and central leader Md. Kabir Hossain and Rana Plaza injured worker Ms Shila Begum. They made solidarity speech at the rally paying tributes to the above mentioned organizations for their role to collect US$ 30 million to Rana Plaza Trust Fund.

NGWF President Amirul Haque Amin addressing ‘Solidarity rally’ of Rana Plaza victims.

The speakers mentioned that as per ILO estimate US 30 million dollar collection was a big challenge. At last US 30 million dollar fund has achieved in Trust Fund. Of that major amount had come from buyers due to struggles, pressure, campaign, bargaining and sacrifice of the workers’ organizations, the victims & pro-workers right bodies.  This is a victory of campaign to realize compensation and workers movement in Bangladesh.

The speakers opined that as per ILO Convention 121 during paying compensation each of the dead, injured & victims of the Rana Plaza tragedy should get additional BDT 5,00,000 for ‘pain & suffering’ and this should be set as a ‘standard’ for paying compensation in this type of accident.

Press Secretary, NGWF