Watch this segment for Al Jazeera, about a Nepali worker, Suresh Kumal, who returned home to scenes of devastation and personal loss, made by a friend of ours, Subina Shrestha.

Even though the need is big to help with the rebuilding, he will still need to go back to pay the loan from the company.

A reality often overlooked in the aftermath of the earthquake, while at least two million Nepali are working abroad in the Gulf States. When I visited some villages, an old couple was clearing away the debris of their house. There were not enough young men left in the area to help….

The Independent headlined Nepal earthquake victims’ families prevented from leaving Qatar Fifa World Cup building sites to attend funerals: Strict rules, known as kafala, mean that many of the 400,000 Nepalese employed in the country have their passports taken.

So, what can you do? Well, Avaaz has launched a petition to demand the abolshment of the Kafala system, which enslaves migrant workers. Sign it here