WSM’s partners in Bangladesh, NGWF and GK, work together to provide medical care for the victims of the Rana Plaza tragedy. This interview was shot during the Rana Plaza Medical Camp on the 12th of November 2014 at BILS hospital.

In this video, Mr Reza, special consultant for GK for medical help to Rana Plaza victims, explained they had received 78 patients that morning, who were attended by five doctors (psychological help, gynecology, medication, physiotherapy). Since the Rana Plaza catastrophe, they have organized 16 camps like these, some with general care, others with specialized services. The main problems now would be psychological support, as many of the victims were traumatized and physiotherapy for loss of limbs. Another problem is the need for certain victims to receive surgery to remove stale implants, but for which there are often no funds or support to be performed.