A mix of field visits, mostly in Tamil Nadu took place, combined with the meetings at the head offices of each PO (Karur: AREDS, Chennai: YCW India and CWM, Mumbai: NDWM, Delhi: CFTUI). During the visit, a three day synergy meeting was also scheduled, including a one day training for five members of all PO. At the end of with each PO, impressions were also shared and discussed with the leaders of the organisation.
Also two meetings with Belgian diplomatic representation took place in Chennai (Consulate) and Delhi (Embassy: Nepali and Bangladesh officers).

Logistics and travel arrangements were perfectly arranged by the south coordinator, Miss Francina Varghese. All partners went out of their way to arrange meetings, interaction with beneficiaries and ceremonies. Over forty videos and testimonies, mostly from beneficiaries regarding impact were also documented, to be shared on Youtube and this blog.
The map of my visit can be found here.
Some pictures and highlights of the trip: