W-Connect, June 2014
So, what have I been working on these past few days? Well, we also have a newsletter we use to share good practices among our Asia partners. With help, it has received a bit of a make-over, and I suggested a new name:”W-Connect” referring to the WSM slogan “We are all connected” and the W of World in WSM, connecting our partners. 

For this first newsletter of the 2014-2016 program, we felt it was appropriate to share what was achieved during the previous program (2010-2013) by the different partners of WSM, especially now that we all spend so much time writing, compiling and analyzing all the data. This way, you can also tell that all the effort put into the reporting was put to good use.

The first page provides some data regarding the indicators that WSM with its partners has achieved in the world. The following pages focus on Asia, with both numbers and some testimonies from you. The last page looks at the Launch workshop for the 2014-2016 program, which took place in March 2014 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 
For our next newsletter, due in September-October, we’ll write more on the current issues and program. 

If you wish to receive it, send a mail to bruno.deceukelier a t wsm.be.