Today, I received a thank you letter that I wanted to share with you.
Garment workers across Cambodia went on strike after the Cambodian Government failed to listen to it’s own committees advice and raised the minimum wage to just 95USD, which was far lower than the 160USD workers and trade unions were demanding. On January 2 and 3 the police and military turned violent and four people were killed, 39 injured and 23 detained.

Of the 23 workers that got arrested, two were released in February but the other 21 are still imprisoned and trails are  going on. Ath Thorn, the president of our partner C.CAWDU (also appearing in this video, calling for a peaceful demonstration), had to get 25,000USD for bail. They raised 15,000USD from contributions of workers, despite the low salaries, and through international support, managed to raise the remaining amount. He wrote a letter to WSM and others thanking us. Here is what Ath mentions:
On May 12 I, accompanied by CLC staff and C.CAWDU local activists, delivered the bail money in a huge clear plastic bag to the court. They initially tried not to accept the money in Cambodian Riel but we explained that it was from thousands of garment workers and they had to accept it. They finally agreed. (…) With this amazing support on behalf of C.CAWDU’s members, and a strong support from our international allies, C.CAWDU leaders are very inspired and motivated to continue our struggle for labor justice in Cambodia.
It put a smile on my face…