21 days left… Every day, over 168 million children around the world wake up and go to work. They work in mines and sweatshops, on farms and on the street. Over half of them work in ways that put their health and safety and risk. That’s unacceptable.

https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/11571-red-card-campaign/embedOn June 12, the ILO will launch the #RedCard to Child Labour campaign. To mark the occasion, we’re going to release a new song, that has been written and recorded especially for the campaign by several major artists committed to the fight against child labour.

Share it on your blog, Facebook, Twitter… I shared it on my Facebook and added 1,105 to the total reach (okay, compared to the total 3,581,750 already reached to date; it’s a drop but all tiny bits help, said the mosquito and she peed in the ocean…)