Of course, this program doesn’t start from scratch, and it is only fitting I would pay a tribute to my predecessor, Jef Van Hecken, who spend two years in Dhaka and will now be retiring after a long carreer in the movement.

This launch workshop wals also the opportunity for the partners to say goodbye to him during a solidarity evening, which was organized by one of the Bangladesh organisation, GK, with which he had closely worked.

Hereby below a personal tribute, which I entitled: the 12 works of Jef in Asia.

https://photos.gstatic.com/media/slideshow.swf Not only in Asia did he leave a big footprint, but he also managed to direct a lot of the attention after the Rana Plaza tragedy to the working conditions of garment workers and to our causes (Koppen uitzending).

He also had a blog which you can check out here. He’ll leave some might big shoes to fill…