This Workshop gathered all WSM partners from Asia (each represented by two people) in Dhaka, Bangladesh, with the members of the WSM Asia team to launch the 2014-2016 programme. The first day focused on the concept of Social Protection, the central theme for this programme, examined the current context per country, in the region and internationally. Next, the outlines of the 2014-2016 programme were shared and then a tool to create a mapping to advocate change on the national level.
The next day focused mostly on technical aspects of the programme, like financial management, the operational planning for 2014, as well as M&E, structure and responsibilities of the WSM Asia team and an introduction on the tools for capacity building.
Third and last day of the workshop, opportunities for south-south and north-south exchanges were listed in a participatory manner, followed by an analysis of opportunities for international political actions.  After a training session on gender, the workshop was closed. 

Every day, a moment was also taken to highlight events that had drastic impacts on the partners and the countries, such as the Cambodia protests and the typhoons in the Philippines and to share good practices from the partners. The fourth day, members attended a human chainorganized by the Bangladesh partner NGWF to support their demands for compensation of the Rana Plaza and Tazreen tragedies. In the afternoon they took part in a medical camp organised by GK for these victims.